Who we are?

About The Brave Flame by INTEGRATE

Our Mission:
At the heart of The Brave Flame is a profound purpose. We've created a charity candle with a singular goal in mind: to gather funds that directly contribute to adapting workplaces for our brave soldiers. These are the heroes who have been injured and disabled due to the war and are now embarking on their journey back to civilian life.

Beyond a Candle:
The Brave Flame is more than a mere candle production. It symbolizes unity, resilience, and hope. Each handcrafted candle is a reflection of the spirit, dedication, and journey of those it represents.

Our Impact:
Every purchase makes a difference. Excluding shipping costs, all proceeds from The Brave Flame sales directly benefit our INTEGRATE Charity Foundation. When you light up one of our candles, you're not only illuminating your space but also brightening the lives of Ukrainian veterans.

INTEGRATE Charity Foundation:
The Brave Flame is a shining example of what INTEGRATE stands for. Our mission is clear: to actively support the reintegration of Ukrainian defenders with disabilities. We're committed to adapting their future work environments, ensuring they have the resources and environment they need.